In the End... There is only LOVE

The  Sacred Journey of Conscious Dying

Friday February 5th - 7th

Join us for an exploration of: 

  • What it means to be Be fully human
  • How to hold death close while living fully
  • The role of the End Of Life Midwife & Death Doula
  • The place of ritual in the sacred journey to the end
  • Redefining what it means to care for our own in modern times
  • The dance of Conscious Living & Conscious Dying
  • BE-ING with dying and death
  • Integrating old and new wisdoms

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Friday February 5th - 7th

  • Friday 5th,  6:30 - 9pm
  • Saturday Feb 6th, 9:00am -1:30pm * lunch*  3:00-6:30pm
  • Sunday Feb 7th, 9-12pm *lunch* 1:30-4pm
  • OPTIONAL - Saturday Feb 7th, 7:30-9pm -  acupuncture &  essential oils deep meditation and integration journey

Join Us to Explore

  • Understanding our role as and End of Life Midwives and Death Doulas 
  • How to be present to dying
  • Providing mindful guidance to the dying and their care circle
  • Creating sacred space, bringing ritual into the home
  • Moving from fear of the unknown to embracing the mystery with love
  • Sacred Tending™
  • Care circle conversations and Empathetic communication
  • The importance of self care and holistic, loving end of life practices 
  • Healing our personal relationship with dying and death
  • Addressing the logistics

Teachings will be balanced with sharing, compassionate listening. Experiential learning, mindful group and contemplative personal work surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of Ojai. 

This retreat is designed for: anyone interested in exploring conscious dying and how to ease this journey for the dying.

Including: home and family caregivers, hospice professionals, healing arts professionals, volunteers, friends and family.

Your Journey is Guided By

Dr. Eric Baumgartner L.Ac., DAOM

Eric is a father, a pilgrim, and a lifetime student of medicine from many traditions, East to West. He currently practices Acupuncture and Functional Medicine in Ojai, CA at Alquimia Wellness, a new generation of wellness center foucused on holistic Community Care. He is inspired to share the wisdom of the ancient medicine traditions which can help us reconnect to our own inner wisdom, to the cycles of nature, and to the greatest healing power we can access, which dwells in our hearts.

Cheserae Scala

Cheserae is a weaver of connections, and has dedicated much of her life to the study and practice of beauty.  She has been practicing as a holistic esthetician for over 20 years, and has always held the conviction that true beauty comes from within.  To that end, she supports others to find the source of beauty within, using essential oils as a keystone of her practice.  She also works as a death doula/transition coach, supporting individuals and families in transitions including the end of life to remember that in the end, there is only Love. 


What most of us want from our health care providers is for them to really listen, and then to help us get to the root of what is really causing our health issues.  Functional Medicine is about you, your health goals, and a holistic plan to restore wellness to all areas of your life.  

Everyone is talking about Self-care, but without the support of community in our daily lives, taking care of ourselves is nearly impossible.  Join our community of wellness minded individuals supporting one another to get better, faster, more long-lasting results than they could ever accomplish alone.